Laerskool Millennium

Millennium Primary School

If you are looking for quality education in Krugersdorp, look no further than Millennium Primary. Starting from Grade RR. Millennium Primary aims to develop well-balanced learners and to expose learners to a wide variety of academic, sport and cultural activities to develop themselves.

The school takes pride in their beautiful and neat school grounds and classrooms. The educators use innovative and creative methods to educate learners in class and an E-Learning platform was also developed by the school as extra enrichment for learners. Learners also have the opportunity to excel in sport. Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Cross Country and Chess form part of the school 's sporting activities, where learners can get an opprtunity to excel and develop team work skills.

Cultural activities that learners can benefit from at the school include choir and Eisteddfod's. Millennium Primary also provides learners with a very good Aftercare Centre, where learners are helped with homework and given healthy meals. If you want to provide your child with the best education and opportunities, choose Millennium Primary.


Millennium Primary is located in Mogale city and is ideally situated, with excellent facilities. The facilities provide lerners with wonderful opportunities to develop their interests and enhance their academic, sport and culture experience. The outdoor facilities include a tuckshop, two large sports fields for rugby, hockey and athletics, a turf cricket pitch, three cricket nets and five newly built netball courts. These facilities help learners to develop their physical skills through both organised sport and recreational activities. Millennium Primary are also proud to use borehole water for bathrooms and solar energy

The indoor facilities at Millennium Primary include 29 classrooms that are equipped with multimedia equipment and dedicated teachers. There are two music rooms where children can receive one-to-one instruction in vocals, drums and guitar with a specialist teacher. The School hall is a fully equipped, multi-purpose hall with sound room and stage. It is used for drama, physical education and school assemblies. Millennium Pre- Primary consists of four classrooms. The very large outside play area, with a huge variety of outdoor equipment, allows for wonderful freedom and opportunities for play


Millennium Primary believes firmly in creating opportunities for learners to experiment, express themselves and develop their imagination, critical to their intellectual development. Music and all dramatic productions form the basis of school life, encouraging visual and cultural awareness. Our school’s facilities include art classes & culture training from teachers, a music centre and a fully equipped school hall for any school productions. In collaboration with independent music teachers, instruments that are taught include piano, guitar and also playing drums.

Millennium also takes part in RACA (Randfontein Arts & Culture Association). RACA gives learners of our school a chance to excel in poetry recitals and dramatic presentations in both of our languages of teaching, English and Afrikaans.

Millennium’s main aim of taking part in the RACA, is to present our own annual eisteddfod and to give learners a platform to develop their creative talents and ultimately develop confidence in themselves.


Over the past few decades learners, teachers, coaches and parents at Millennium Primary have worked hard to develop a high standard of sporting excellence. The school is committed to provide a platform for learners to challenge themselves physically and mentally by participating in the full spectrum of sporting disciplines. There is no doubt that sport plays an incredible role in helping young players to develop meaningful relationships with their peers and help them develop important life skills like learning how to cope and manage emotions of disappointment and joy.


Millennium Primary has maintained a strong value of excellence in all regards as a public school, it achieves this excellence at an affordable level to all parents.

To maintain a high level of excellence as a value we strive to enforce the following:

  • To instill ethical values and leadership in our learners from an early age.
  • To motivate learners to participate in academic, sport and cultural activities.
  • To stand united to achieve their goals by setting their differences aside and working as a team.

Nurturing Minds

We strongly believe that habits acquired at a tender age persist throughout live. Universal values like honesty, punctuality and discipline are essential in the growth of every child. Such values and ethics are taught through a structured curriculum. We nurture their minds to help the learners to learn through play and self-directed inquiry, developing many key skills.

Activities include:

  • Ballet
  • Spelling Bee
  • Mental Maths challenge
  • Art & Drama competitions
  • Story writing
  • Music lessons


We as Millennium Primary stand united to achieve a holistic school environment that creates and contribute to the future success of South Africa by ensuring that principled, accomplished and well-rounded learners are moving into their future. By standing united we will help learners to grow and identify their strengths by exposing them to as many different opportunities as possible. No learner will be left behind. At Millennium Primary there is something for everyone.