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Physical Training

Physical Training

Millennium Primary makes it a priority to fulfil our role in the education of learners through effective, well-rounded physical education that builds self-esteem, confidence and promotes a healthy lifestyle to the individual.

The learners enjoy PT lessons once a week, during school hours. This is for all the learners – from Grade 1 to 7, in order to develop different skills such as team work and sportsmanship. This has a positive impact on our school sport programme in general. We encourage all the learners to participate.


Here at Millies we are privileged to play the great game of Rugby. We have u/6 tag rugby, u/7 and u/8 TAU rugby and 15 man teams from u/9 to u/13. We play games against other schools in the league, where in the past we had a few league winners and teams playing in the finals of the Golden Lions league.

At our school we had 5 Golden Lions players for 2021. We also had 1 Golden Lions 7’s player. We have 5 Gauteng West coaches, 1 team manager and 2 coaches on the Gauteng West board. Furthermore, we have 2 Golden Lions coaches and 1 coach on the Golden Lions Board. Lastly we also have 2 A panel referees at our school, that also take part in senior rugby refereeing.


Netball is an ideal team sport where our girls not only develop and improve their fitness and skill levels, but it also gives each girl the exposure to compete competitively and to face and deal with the challenges that sport participation offers.

  • U/6 to U/9 Teams are part of our Mini Netball that participate in friendly tournaments.
  • U/10 to U/13 A and B teams play league and friendly matches.
  • Coaches are encouraged to attend regular coaching courses and umpiring workshops in order to keep themselves informed of new techniques and possible new interpretations of the rules of the game. Coaches take pride in their coaching and taking their players to new heights.
  • We are proud to have 4 provincial graded umpires and 4 district graded umpires.
5 All-Weather courts with adjustable poles.

  • In the last few years a few of our players have been selected to play in the Gauteng all ages team.
  • Two of our educators are on the Gauteng D2 netball committee.


At our school we have cricket as a sporting option for the development of your child. We participate in league and also organise friendly matches against other cricketing schools in Krugersdorp. We have teams from under 9 up to under 13 and mini-cricket for under 7 and under 8 learners.

We have all the necessary facilities to accommodate your child with the best possible coaching and development. The facilities include cricket-gear (even for those children who do not have their own), safe cricket nets and we can brag with one of the best turf pitches in this area.

It is normally used for the Gauteng-West finals. We also have qualified staff as coaches, which means that your child will receive the best possible coaching if they choose to participate in cricket.


At Millennium Primary we are proud to offer, play and learn the art of hockey and having fun! We have a lot of opportunities for our learners here at Millies. Our hockey teams do very well in the league games every year and we send a few learners to the Gauteng West trials, where they perform excellent.
There are three junior hockey teams, one per age group, U/7 – U/9. Here we develop basic skills and game intelligence.
We have four senior hockey teams, from U/10 – U/13 and each team has 11 players with 2 reserves. Each team has two coaches who give their best with every practice and match.
Here at Millies the Hockey teams are fully kitted with everything they need!


Here at Millennium Primary we strive to offer our learners the best athletics opportunities possible. We pride ourselves in being able to provide everyone with an equal chance to participate in various track (sprints, middle distance and long distance) and field (long jump, high jump and shot put) events.
Athletics is an after school, seasonal programme for learners from the age 7 to 13 and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
Qualified coaches guide and lead the various events and help athletes strive for excellent results.
We encourage mass participation among all of the learners and we always display positive sportsmanship.
Our aim is to have the best representation in each event.

Cross Country

We always look forward to a day out in the sun at a meeting, whether we are hosting or travelling to neighboring schools to compete.
Thanks to our location and size of our facilities, we can host fun and competitive challenges.
This is an after school, seasonal programme for the learners from the age 9 to 14.
Qualified coaches guide and lead the various events and strive for excellent results.
We encourage mass participation among all of the learners. We always display positive sportsmanship.
Our aim is to have the best representation in each event.


By playing chess, kids can improve and develop cognitive skills, including memory, logical thinking, critical thinking, concentration, problem-solving, and visual processing

1. Internal Championship During activity periods to determine team players (Grade 4-7).
2. Mini Tournamen Held on a Saturday morning. School teams, teachers’ teams and teams from other schools challenge each other for fun and prizes.
3. Friendly play offs Against other schools in preparation for the D2 Championship.
4. D2 Championship District games played at different schools.
5. Large Garden Set Learners enjoy playing chess outdoors during break times.