Laerskool Millennium



Every school presents a unique set of opportunities. Millennium Primary offers Junior and Senior learners the opportunity to participate in choir activities.
Singing as part of a choir is scientifically proven to have positive effects. Music is therapeutic and helps us cope with the stress of life. Children who sing in choruses have greater academic success and more advanced social skills.
Members are auditioned across the school, from Grade 1 - 7. A high standard of singing and behaviour is demanded from both choirs and they are excellent ambassadors for the school. The Junior and Senior choirs practice weekly and take part in eisteddfods and festivals.
Our school is extremely proud of our school choirs and the important role they play.

Music Centre

We are proud to offer learners the opportunity to take part in music lessons. We offer piano, guitar and drum lessons.

  • Our aim is to introduce every learner to the cultural diversity in our country; respect and cultivate appreciation for other cultures and be firmly rooted in the culture inherent in ourselves.
  • In order to educate balanced learners, it is essential that culture, academics and sport are granted equal time and space.
  • Learners are exposed to a wide range of cultural activities and thereby learn love for the arts, perseverance, self-discipline and a balanced personality too.
  • Our aim is that each learner also reaches his /her full potential in the different cultural areas.
  • Learners get to showcase their talents at our annual cultural evenings and eisteddfods.